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Lauterbach Debug Tools to Support NXP LPC54100 Microcontrollers


New Development Kit Enhances Downlighting Designs

Mantracourt's New Software Toolkit Facilitates Complex
Load Monitoring

Lauterbach has announced its support for the new NXP LPC54100 Series of microcontrollers

Lauterbach, a worldwide provider of microprocessor development tools, has announced its support for the LPC54100 Series of microcontrollers recently introduced by NXP.  The LPC54100 Series offers industry leading power efficiency and is ideally suited for “always-on” sensor-based products.

“With µTrace® the developer can control the operation of the program and analyze the data in C and C++ by the use of simple and complex breakpoints,” said Barry Lock, UK Manager, Lauterbach.  “Also, an analogue probe can be connected to µTrace to read the current and voltage measurements for energy profiling, this enables developers to fine-tune their software for minimal power usage. µTrace® will help engineers develop better devices and greatly reduce development time.”More information.

Intelligent LED Solutions (ILS) has announced the launched of its Anna Development Kits, a development platform that enables engineers to explore the different effects of colour temperature and varying beam angles when developing downlighting applications.

The Anna Development Kit is available with a choice of 3,4,5,6 or 7 LED's of differing colour temperature and a choice of narrow, medium and wide beam lenses. In addition to this, the kit includes the necessary metalwork holder, a pcb, a heatsink and a power supply, enabling engineers and designers to explore the effects and possibilities of 21 LED lighting options.

“We are seeing LED technology replacing halogen lamps in many downlighting applications,” said Adrian Amor, Director at ILS. “The prime reason has been the more efficient nature of LED lamp technology; drawing less current and running cooler...” More info...


Mantracourt has announced the launch of a Software Toolkit to accompany its world-renowned LCA20 load cell and strain gauge amplifier, a flexible digital signal conditioning amplifier for single or multiple load monitoring. The new software toolkit enhances the capabilities of the LCA20, enabling easier set up and more advanced control and reporting functions. 

The PC based software toolkit is icon driven, making it intuitive and easy to use. Access to the LCA20 is via a simple connector.  The LCA toolkit enables configuration and calibration of load cell inputs using up to nine point linearisation. It also allows for the setting of load cell filtering characteristics, and digital input functionality, the configuration of the display and generated output values such as the peak, trough, gross and net. The toolkit also includes functions such as system zero and zero tracking. An equally wide range of functionality is applied to the reporting aspects of the toolkit.

More info...



Copytrax Pushes The Boundaries of Industrial Printing with the New Cezanne

The new Copytrax Cezanne delivers accurate and durable digital print on a broad range of surfaces

Industrial print technology company Copytrax has announced the launch of the Copytrax Cezanne, an A2 size UV cure digital flatbed printer. The new Cezanne is the latest in the Copytrax range of digital flatbed printers and will enable affordable UV cure digital print for flexible printing onto a broad range of substrates & surfaces. More...

Energi Announces 2014 Dates and Locations for 2014 UK Device Developers' Conference

The UK's Embedded Systems Conference is to visit Bristol, Cambridge, Manchester and Scotland during May and June 2014

Energi Technical Ltd, the organisers of the UK Device Developers' Conference, have announced four dates and four locations for next year’s event.  Starting with Bristol on Tuesday 20th May, the event will then visit Cambridge (22nd May), Manchester (3rd June) and Scotland (5th June). 

The UK Device Developers' Conference is a one-day event for electronic engineers, computer scientists, designers and developers working in the field of intelligent systems and devices. It provides an important opportunity for engineers to learn about the latest trends and technologies in embedded systems development. Featuring half-day technology workshops, technical presentations and a vendor exhibition of tools, software and hardware, embedded systems and realtime software the Device Developers' Conference has established itself as a key event in the UK engineering calendar. More...


UK Embedded Systems Conference


"Turned Parts" Specialist to Exhibit at Southern Manufacturing Show

Acro Engineering is to exhibit at UK manufacturing show to highlight its extensive CNC production capability

Norfolk based Acro Engineering has announced that it will be exhibiting at the Southern manufacturing Show, an engineering exhibition taking place 12th-13th February at Farnborough. Billed as the UK's largest regional manufacturing technology, electronics and subcontracting exhibition, the show is expected to attract engineers and buyers from across the UK and Europe.

Fred Pain, Manager at Acro Engineering

Acro Engineering has been manufacturing turned parts for almost 35 years, with customers in a diverse range of industries. Able to manufacture high volume precision components as well as low volume pre-production samples, Acro Engineering is ISO9001 certified and produces parts for industries such as the automotive sector, the energy sector, defence and medical. More info...



Lauterbach Provides Debug Support for 32-bit Multicore AURIX™ from Infineon

Trace debug tool enables the development of reliable software

Lauterbach, a leading manufacturer of microprocessor development tools, is claiming to be the first to support the new AURIX™ TC27x family with its TRACE32® Debugger. 

The new AURIX™ TC27x family is the platform of Infineon’s next generation MCU family to meet the requirements of the latest automotive powertrain and safety applications. It consists of up to three TriCore™´s to handle the application load in AMP, SMP or lockstep mode. The first AURIX™ device is the TC27x with 200MHz triple core and 4MB eFlash. 

Recognised for both engineering excellence and exceptional technical support, Lauterbach tools have become a favourite with many hi-tech engineers. Lauterbach tools support more than 3500 microprocessors and all known ARM Cores, covering products from over 75 silicon companies. The quality and capability of these tools enables engineering teams to develop robust code whilst minimising development time lost to debugging.



debug tool for aurix

Energi Creates New Website for DC Marine

The team at Energi have recently designed and built a new website for DC Marine, specialists in stern gear and fabrication for the marine industry. The project included photography and was created to reflect their broadeningrange of services. The Energi team also have also developed a website for their sister company DC Development, specialists in laser cutting and precision fabrication.

Another recent website created at Energi has been a new website for Cambridgeshire based Architectural Designers, Swann Edwards. Swann Edwards specialise is eco building design, affordable housing, building conservation and traditional house design.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss our web design capabilities.

stern gear and marine fabrication



Embedded Systems at the Heart of Green Technology

Pebble Bay Helps Vickers Electronics Develop Advanced Energy Management System

Embedded systems design consultancy, Pebble Bay, has announced that it has been working with Vickers Electronics in the development of a new microprocessor-based control unit for industrial heating systems. Based on an ARM Cortex™-M3 processor the new design is far more powerful than the previous solution, and has the capacity for significant additional capabilities.

Vickers Electronics designs and installs energy management systems that seek to reduce energy wastage by controlling all aspects of time and temperature. Vickers engaged Pebble Bay to undertake a complete re-design of the hardware and a software port to provide the new control unit on which their existing application software would run.

"Central to the design is an ARM Cortex™-M3 which has an ideal combination of features for Vickers’ application." said Ian Willats, Managing Director at Pebble Bay. "The ARM Cortex™-M3 core gives good performance and is supported by a wide range of development tools, while the on-chip peripherals minimize the cost and complexity of external devices.”

See also Pebble Bay article featured in New Electronics

"The 10 best ways to make your device drivers unreliable."



Blue Chip Technology Launches New Generation Single Board Computer

single board computer

UK based Blue Chip Technology has announced the launch of its RE2, high performance, ultra-low power single board computer. Available with a wide range of peripherals such as GPS, GPRS, networking, camera, audio, usb, wi-fi, Bluetooth and a powerful graphics capability, the RE2 has already secured contracts for use in telematic systems, access control and public media systems.

"The RE2 is without doubt a very powerful board for its size," said Barry Husbands, Managing Director of Blue Chip Technology. "Basically, we've sought to exploit the chip technology of leading edge smart-phones in order to achieve maximum performance, minimal footprint, 24/7 reliability and minimal power usage. The outcome has exceeded all our expectations, and for us, this feels like a whole new generation of single board computer - more compact and more feature rich than anything before."



On-Shoring Creates Demand for Qualified Engineers (published in Machinery Market)

A few years ago, 'out-sourcing' was a trendy term. Today, the new term seems to be 'On-shoring'. On-Shoring is the name being given to the recent trend of manufacturers looking to source components within the UK as opposed to low cost economies such as China or Eastern Europe. Engineering companies are reporting that many contracts are returning to the UK, so much so, that UK engineering companies are now struggling to recruit suitably qualified precision engineers.

During the past two years, many manufacturing companies have started to realise that sourcing abroad can incur many hidden costs.

Read full article...


cd printer


Copytrax DaVinci CD Printer Targets Digital Media

UK digital media specialist Copytrax has announced the release of the DaVinci Multi; a multi-purpose, entry-level professional cd printing machine for the printing of digital media such as CD's, mini CD's and CD business cards. The new high quality CD printer has been designed for professional users such as printers, recording studio's, marketing companies, DVD production companies and CD duplication companies. More news about Copytrax CD Printer...



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Mantracourt Launches Wireless Telemetry Modbus Gateway

Modbus Gateway provides a simple interface for engineers to gather data from wireless instrumentation

Instrumentation specialists Mantracourt have announced the launch of their T24-GW1 Modbus Gateway as a further addition to their acclaimed T24 wireless instrumentation range. The T24-GW1 is a gateway that provides a simple interface for users to gather data from up to 100 acquisition modules in a T24 network, using either the standard Modbus interface RTU protocol or a simple ASCII protocol.

The T24-GW1 is already at work, helping to manufacture confectionary products accurately and reliably. 

More info...


World’s 1st Process Industry Magazine App now available on all major devices

Process Industry Informer, a leading magazine serving the UK process engineering industries, has today announced that its Magazine App is now available across all major tablet devices: iPads, Android Tablets and Amazon Kindle.

Following the successful launch of their iPad Newsstand App at the end of 2013, the popular App has now been integrated with Google Play and Amazon app stores.

The tablet version offers a completely new reading experience, allowing readers to quickly and easily navigate to features and news sections, with the ability to bookmark, email articles and contact suppliers with one touch of an icon.


Davali Chooses Blue Chip Hardware for Public Media Package

Digital Signage newcomers choose Blue Chip Technology’s RE2 hardware for low cost, high performance public media solution.

digital signage hardware

Blue Chip Technology have announced that their acclaimed RE2 single board computer has been chosen by digital signage developer Davali to provide a software and hardware bundle that will lower the cost of public display technology for use in places such as airports, hotels, shopping malls and public event locations. More info...

Lauterbach to Present Latest Debug Tools at UK Medical Electronics Event

UK Medical Electronics Event

Lauterbach, a world leader in software debug tools, has announced that it will be presenting and exhibiting at MEDELEC 2011, a UK event for engineers working in the medical sector. MEDELEC 2011 will take place on the 29th November in Cambridge. - More information...

Mantracourt Leads The Way In Digital Strain Gauge Technology

Mantracourt, a leading manufacturer of industrial measurement technologies has announced the availability of their Strain Gauge to USB Converter (DSCUSB), a compact, high performance digital signal conditioner with USB connectivity aimed at applications requiring high accuracy measurement. More information...

Designing Electronics for Hazardous Environments

Mantracourt is a leading manufacturer of industrial measurement technologies. Having recently announced the availability of their new ALA5 Load Cell Amplifier, an ATEX approved strain gauge/load cell amplifier designed for operation within explosive atmospheres in hazardous zones, they have taken on the challenge and developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this area. More information...

Mantracourt Technology Enables Remote Load Monitoring

Mantracourt, a leader in industrial measurement technologies, has announced that its radio telemetry acquisition system for strain gauge and load cell data is at the heart of Groundforce’s new remote load monitoring technology. More..

Mantracourt’s Strain Gauge Indicator Proves a Major Success

Mantracourt, a leading manufacturer of industrial measurement technologies, is celebrating the success of its portable strain gauge display for use as a strain gauge indicator or load cell indicator, (PSD). Developed for a range of industrial customer applications, the PSD is now used by thousands of engineers and technicians around the world.

Enabled for automatic sensor calibration and having a waterproof enclosure, a long battery life and with a sister handheld for RS232 output, the PSD strain gauge indicator is ideal for a broad range of industrial applications where load, pressure, force or weight measurement data needs to be reliably and accurately recorded. More...

Camdridge-DR Chosen By Stella Hensley and Chris Newman for 'Tantra Blues' CD Production

"Cambridge-DR have done a wonderful job of our CD duplication," said Stella Hensley. "The quality of the final CD artwork and packaging has very much complimented the time and effort that went into creating this album. We have also been very pleased with the service and support we have had from the team at Cambridge-DR. We needed the first 500 CD's in a very short timescale for the Cambridge Folk Festival launch. They did an amazing job of getting them to us in time."

The CD has been released in a high quality 'DigiPack' retail format with cellophane wrapper. Since 2002 Stella Hensley has been co writing with Cambridge based guitarist John Wright, having recorded two previous albums "Strong" and "Glass Bridges" that have created a good following. This latest album has been a new collaboration with Chris Newman. The songs on the album have been described as heartfelt, moving and beautifully melodic. More information...

Lauterbach Extends Tools Support for Xilinx Zynq-7000 Extensible Processing Platform

TRACE32® PowerTools for Xilinx Zynq-7000 Extensible Processing Platform

Lauterbach, the leading manufacturer of hardware assisted microprocessor development tools, has launched support for the new Xilinx Zynq-7000 Extensible Processing Platform that integrates a complete ARM® Cortex™-A9 MPCore™ processor-based system with 28nm low-power programmable logic. More...

Copytrax Pushes the Barriers of Industrial Digital Printing with the PrintMaster - Cambridge print technology company, Copytrax have announced the launch of the Copytrax PrintMaster, a digital industrial inkjet printing machine that looks set to further displace traditional screen printing techniques. Capable of printing on anything from, USB memory drives, Plastic parts, CD promotion tins, CD / DVD discs, fascia panels and even glass, the new PrintMaster will offer a fast and flexible approach to low and medium volume production. More...